Cabinet restyling is an easy way to completely update your kitchen or bathroom. No matter which type of style you have, cabinet refacing gives your home a fresh new look. If you’re considering a remodel, take these three reasons into consideration.

1. Update Your Style

Cabinet refacing and cabinet restyling let you update your home’s interior. As opposed to a time-consuming, expensive cabinet replacement, refacing gives you an easy upgrade. You can restyle your current cabinets to fit nearly any design preference, from traditional to contemporary. Most importantly, cabinet refacing is completely personalized to you. Freshen up your kitchen or bathroom with:

  • Classic Raised Panels
  • Recessed Panel Doors
  • Timeless Shaker Doors
  • Modern Slab Doors
  • Elevated Mullion Doors

2. Repair Damaged or Worn-Out Hardware

Updating your kitchen cabinets gives you a chance to fix any worn out, loose, or damaged hardware. New hardware can change the entire look of your cabinets, making your whole room feel brand new. Plus, you can choose a new style, shape, or feel. Some popular hardware choices include:

  • Finish Variety in Matte, Polished, Brushed, and Satin
  • Color Selections in Black, Silver, Gold, and More
  • Knob, Pull, and Bolt Openings
  • Soft-Close Hinges

3. Add Value to Your Home

One of the best ways to easily add value to your home is with custom upgrades. Elevating your kitchen and bathroom cabinets allows for greater personalization and function. From switching out hardware to creating custom additions, cabinets are a sought-after part of any home. Some custom cabinet accessories you can add value to your home include:

  • Worry-Free Slide-Outs
  • Beautiful Door Molding
  • Built-In Shelving
  • Drawer Inserts
  • Drawer Systems and Pull-Outs

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